Molson Coors

Managing a major implementation during Molson Coors' busiest week of the year

mda currently provides marketing fulfilment solutions for a range of brands owned/ managed by Molson Coors Brewing Company, including Carling, Grolsch, Coors Light, Cobra, Singha, Worthington’s and many more.

The leading brewer in Central Europe and the second largest in the UK, Molson Coors operate from multiple locations throughout the world, with 19,000 employees.

Responsible a number of biggest beer brands in the UK, Molson Coors’ POS requirements are complex and considerable, and as such they require absolute precision, understanding and scale to effectively meet their requirements and deliver the required levels of support, efficiencies and overall service.

Here’s what the Molson Coors Marketing Operations Manager said of the relationship with mda:

Case Study

“Having worked with a Fulfilment specialist to provide branded point of sale materials for our customers for many years, mda approached us and made a compelling case for the added value they could bring in systems, service, management information and a cultural fit that would constantly challenge the existing ways of working and drive best practice.

All to happen during our busiest period ever

To enable this, we agreed to the move subject to the assurances that mda would affect a seamless transition and, in the early months, deliver an absolute replication of existing services to our stakeholders, all of which would happen during one of our busiest promotional periods ever.

mda took full responsibility for the transition communicating regularly with all of the relevant stakeholders, including the incumbent supplier, mapping every aspect of what the requirement would be and looking to enable their system to capture information from the beginning that would deliver meaningful business changing information post go live.

Implementation was barely noticed despite sheer scale

The impact of this change was barely noticed within our business at the time of implementation, despite the sheer scale of change with over 4,000 pallets of stock moves, and has subsequently led to a number of initiatives which have modeled a new way of working in this area and have delivered very tangible service and cost benefits.”