A diverse and complex business, mda supports a number of different fulfilment challenges in support of the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness business.

Case Study

mda manages the fulfilment requirements for a number of businesses and divisions within the Nestle organisation. This includes Nescafe, for which mda has significant experience in managing their Nescafe&Go requirements.

Nescafé &Go are self service coffee machines that are placed in retail establishments such as Newsagents and Petrol Stations.

Within mda we store and distribute both the point of sale collateral and dispense machinees that are sent upon purchase. Storing thousands of units, we despatch anything from one machine being sent to a small business or pallet orders of 10 or more being shipped to distribution centres and cash and carries.

The importance of traceability

We receive the main bulk of our orders from a call centre in York; they not only take the orders from customers but also deal with any enquiries or complaints. All of the machines have a one year warranty and all are stamped with serial number. Traceability of these serial numbers is a crucial part of the business. It is our job to know exactly where each serial number has been sent, as well as what serial numbers we currently hold in our warehouse. This helps us provide the high level of customer service to aid the call centre in any queries they may have. It also allows us to maintain our strict first in first out policy to ensure that the correct batches of machines are distributed according to their manufactured date.

Maintaining the tractability of the machines we distribute and store was always a very manual process. The serial numbers of each ‘goods in’ were recorded by hand and then uploaded onto the system; the same process was followed when sending out a machine. At mda we strive to be as efficient as possible so that we can consistently provide the highest level of service to our client portfolio of Europe’s biggest brands.

We quickly reviewed the process used with the &Go Machine serial numbers and decided the best route would be to start utilising the barcodes that are printed on the machines. We therefore decided to invest in some new bar-code reading equipment.

Efficient goods in and handling processes

Once we had the new equipment in place it was down to our IT department to re write the program so it automatically recognized the serial numbers through the barcode machine. Once completed the process was rolled out and in turn has enormously improved the service we are able to provide. The ‘goods in’ process is now more efficient and there is no more manual work involved.

Here at mda our main aim is to provide premium service with complete visibility, outstanding value for money and innovation in delivering the best solution for each client. This is a perfect example of how our innovative flare and constant desire to provide the best service we can has come in to play. We are now currently looking into other areas of the business in which this same process can be used.