CILT and ITN to collaborate on new Supply Chain show

Supply Chain series to launch highlighting key industry topics

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and ITN are set to coproduce a news and current affairs programme series examining the modern supply chain industry.

Hosted by newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, the show hopes to stimulate debate within the sector and will discuss issues affecting the profession.

Set to premiere next month on the 16th June 2016 at the CILT annual conference, ‘Tomorrow’s Supply Chain, Today’ will feature a range of interviews with leading industry figures and organisations as well as news reports. The programmes will also highlight developments and new technologies in the logistics field.

CILT describes this partnership with ITN as “unique”. It hopes the online series will illustrate the responses adopted by the sector to cope with modern demands and challenges to ensure supply orders are met, from an individual customer making an online purchase, to major businesses and organisations requiring stock.

Additionally, the programme features advice and information on the employment opportunities and careers available in logistics and transport sector, including encouraging younger people into the profession and retaining highly skilled members of the workforce.

A programme trailer available now on the CILT website shows some key highlights of the forthcoming programmes. It clearly conveys some of the issues that will be raised, such as warehouse health and safety, technological advancements, government infrastructure developments and the consumer benefits of an efficient supply chain.

Emulating the style and tone of a quality, in-depth news programme, ‘Tomorrow’s Supply Chain, Today’ aims to offer a valuable insight into the impact of the industry on everyday life.

Following the premiere showing next month, the programme will be available online.

Ben Whitby, mda Client Services and Operations Director, said, “As a leading supply management organisation, mda always embraces new strategies to effectively accommodate exciting challenges. We hope this CILT series provides an interesting overview of all that we do for our clients here at mda.”


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