Coca-Cola bottle most recognised brand packaging

The world famous Coca-Cola bottle identified in survey as most instantly recognisable amongst consumers favourite brands

The iconic Coca-Cola bottle has been named as the most recognised brand packaging in a survey of 1,500 British consumers.

Research conducted by events planners Easyfairs found the famous drink’s bottle was more identifiable than the packaging any other participants, even where the red and white logo was not present.

Design Director at The Coca-Cola Company, Alex Center explained:

“Packaging has always been at the core of the Coca-Cola brand. Our bottle is our most visible and most valuable asset.”

Other distinguishable products that featured in the chart included:

  • Toblerone triangle
  • Marmite jar
  • Pringles tube
  • KFC bucket
  • Heinz ketchup bottle

A weighty 70% of the top 10 products were food or drink items. The nonfood items in the study, which was designed to examine and analyse the impact of branding and packaging on shoppers were the Fairy liquid bottle at number seven, Apple’s iPhone box at number eight, and the Amazon box at number ten.

Center continued to add that although advertising formats and marketing campaigns were important, the design of the actual product casing is what connects the consumer with the brand. He said:

“While ads on TV, online or billboards will always be important, nothing beats the feeling of a cold Coca-Cola bottle in your hand. That is the ultimate experience design.”

The soft drinks manufacturer is renowned across the world for its ‘contour bottle’ shape. Originally created in 1915 by the Root Glass Company of Indiana, the key focus was to ensure the design would individualise Coca-Cola.

This has clearly proved to be entirely successful if over 100 years later it is still instantly identified by the UK population in this latest research.

Alan Sheppard, mda Head of Commercial, said ‘we’re very proud to see one of our partners star in this survey on the most recognisable brands in supermarkets and shops up and down the country. Coca-Cola continues to be one of the world’s most loved brands and we’re delighted to help them continue this fantastic reputation.’


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