Companies urged to take part in CILT European Supply Chain Day 2016

Thursday 21st April sees this years' Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) take place, raising awareness of the impact and value delivered by the industry

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is urging UK supply chain firms to organise activities for this year’s European Supply Chain Day, which takes place in April.

Businesses are being encouraged to actively promote the logistics and supply chain industry with the aim of demonstrating to the wider public the crucial role it plays within their lives.

It is also hoped the event will be an opportunity to introduce young people to the industry and illustrate the range of career choices that are available in the sector.

Chief Executive of CILT (UK) Kevin Richardson said, “European Supply Chain Day aims to raise awareness within the broader population of the value of logistics and supply chain activities in our everyday lives.”

Entitled ‘Logistics Paves the Way’, CILT highlights a range of possible activities businesses could host to show their commitment to the future of the sector, including visits to local colleges and schools, arranging Open Days for the local community or producing blog accounts featuring the experiences of various key staff members.

Businesses taking part will be recognised in the European Supply Chain Day literature, where the logos of all participating organisations and companies will be featured, both on its website and on post-event materials.

Events can be registered with CILT via its website and companies are invited to contact the organisation should they require assistance with organising an event.

At last year’s European Supply Chain Day, nearly 40,000 visitors took part in more than 450 events across around 20 different countries.

Set to take place on Thursday, April 21, it is hoped the 2016 initiative will encourage an even greater level of engagement.

Ben Whitby, mda Client Services and Operations Director, said, “We’re honoured to be part of a pivotal industry and, as the UKs leading marketing fulfilment and procurement specialist, logistics is at the heart of everything we do in managing complexity and scale for Europe’s biggest brands.

From our Supply Chain Management and Procurement teams, through to our Client Support Centres and Fulfilment Centres across the UK, mda works as one to create logistics efficiencies every step of the way.

We’ll be proudly supporting the CILT European Supply Chain Day on the 21st April and encourage other companies to get involved too.”


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