Heineken sets up new marketing drive

Groundbreaking campaign combining music and technology launched

Global brewing company Heineken has launched a new marketing campaign focusing on music and technology.

It hopes to overcome challenges within the music scene that pose brand association difficulties by targeting festival events and linking technological advancements to promote a holistic experience.

Anuraag Trikha, Heineken’s Global Brand Communication Director, said:

“We’ll be doing more experiential activity inside festivals. We are also looking at partnering with festival owners to produce musical experiences that touch all your senses and then use technology to enable that.”

A major feature of the campaign will be called the ‘Takeover’ activation system, which will allow festival-goers to fully engage with the DJ’s playlist. Heineken has produced tailored wristbands using the latest camera technology, which will offer a choice of music track – red or green – to be mixed into the DJ’s ongoing set.

This Virtual Reality (VR) experience will be closely monitored by the cider and beer producer to identify how it affects the consumer’s participation with the brand.

Heineken believes this distinctive marriage between music and technology will herald a new perception of the brand. While it accepts it may not be the only product to employ music as a marketing tool, it does believe its unique approach will be a successful strategic move in terms of developing forward-thinking advertising techniques.

‘Takeover’ forms a key element of the 150-year-old company’s global campaign called #LiveYourMusic. It will encompass new bottle designs and packaging, and a TV campaign in addition to the VR experiences at music events.

It is a sponsor of more than 1,000 music gigs and festivals across the world and recognises the need to capitalise on this arena to specifically target millennials.

Wayne Chapman, mda Commercial Director, said “We’re thrilled to support Heineken on their current and future marketing campaigns. We’ve been working with them for some years now and have a fantastic relationship with their teams, so we know exactly what it is they need and how we can help by providing a robust service and added value.

As always we welcome innovation and challenges and look forward to helping activate this campaign alongside Heineken.”


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