Logistics sector to be affected by new EU legislation

Regulations on cross EU border transportation of goods to go live in May

A new range of European Union (EU) logistics regulations to do with how goods are transported across EU borders is set to come into force from May 1 this year.

The Union Customs Code (UCC) has been devised as an updated version of the Modernised Business Code (MCC).

Detailed guidance for UK businesses has been published by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), including the transitional measures being put into effect to address these new regulations led by the European Commission.

According to the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA), these changes will undoubtedly influence the nature of operations in the UK logistics field.

The UCC will be implemented to amalgamate and to renew current customs legislations. Additionally, it aims to create a format for electronic communications which can be upheld in statute.

As from May, UK logistics firms will need to consider whether their operations and communications are fully streamlined within member states, if the nature of their business requires them to work across different countries.

UKWA’s Honorary Advisor on Customs Issues, Barbara Scott has said:

“Logistics service providers who operate in more than one member state will know how very different the processes are and how this ideology will be difficult to achieve.”

UKWA believes these new rules impacting the storage and distribution processes may lead to confusion, particularly as some of the changes are yet to be conveyed to HMRC from the European Commission.

As a leading marketing fulfilment and logistics specialist working with Europe’s biggest brands, mda has extensive experience in managing cross border transportation of marketing materials and Point of Sale items, with a full European solution that includes specialist international carriers and a European Contact Centre handling calls in 7 different languages.

Ben Whitby, mda Client Services and Operations Director, said of this new legislation, “As a fulfilment specialist and the UKWA Warehousing Company of the Year we’re always looking for areas of best practice to create logistical efficiencies, so we welcome this news and as always will seamlessly manage it’s application later in the year to ensure mda clients and their customers continue to see the high levels of service we’re famous for.”


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