Marketing study determines three key growth factors

Branding, customer satisfaction and value marketing key for businesses across Europe in 2016

The top three marketing strategies for large companies targeting growth this year have been revealed in a recent survey.

Marketing research group B2B International’s study found branding, customer satisfaction and value marketing are the key factors to be considered for businesses across Europe and North America.

It suggests this will lead to achieving desired growth targets and an improved market share value, if these actions are embedded within marketing departments and form part of the underlying ethos of the firms.

Professionals from B2B companies with a responsibility for branding programmes, consumer research and marketing were invited to participate in the research. It focused on establishing key trends for 2016 and discovering how marketers could command a greater influence on board decisions and policies.

Overall, the findings suggest a greater investment in marketing and branding is necessary for companies to achieve success. B2B International believes this creates potential for firms to outperform their rivals.

The survey recommends businesses must further increase their attention to the needs of the customer. It found only 25% of marketing professionals concluded that their company took the quality of the business/customer relationship into consideration.

Moreover, less than 15% of participants believed their firm to be completely committed to customer satisfaction.

If companies set clear objectives on delivering consumer-led marketing services that incorporate intelligent customer data, positive outcomes on overall growth are likely to be achieved, according to B2B International.

Interestingly, the survey concludes social media platforms were not rated highly as sources of information for creating a purposeful knowledge base and valuable networking opportunities. Conferences, exhibitions and trade events were favoured and were found to deliver better prospects in terms of generating quality marketing information, according to those professionals interviewed as part of the research.

The 266 respondents were employed by large companies with an approximate revenue of $6bn, which is roughly £4.2bn.

Dale Stokes, mda Managing Director, said, ‘As a partner to many of Europe’s biggest brands and retailers we’re thrilled to be on the dynamic edge of some of the most high profile campaigns initiatives every year. Our clients understandably take considerable care and strategic focus on the growth of their brands and consumer satisfaction relationships, and we’re delighted to support them in doing so.

Furthermore, we’re delighted that mda is one of the companies most committed to customer satisfaction following the launch of the UKs largest ever POS and Marketing Fulfilment survey in 2015 and our ongoing ‘Famous For Service’ commitment which sees us to continue to raise the bar across the industry for outstanding customer service.”


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