Peroni success down to “skillful, storytelling marketing”

Creating brand-narrative has been essential in the development of authenticity and heritage - and subsequent growth.

The ongoing success of Peroni beers and lagers has been driven by a skillful, storytelling marketing campaign, according to its owners SABMiller.

The premium alcohol brand has heralded a continuing growth period in the face of plateauing beer sales. This has been attributed to the selective and discerning nature adopted by the company’s marketing strategy.

SABMiller CEO Alan Clark said it strictly monitors the qualitative distribution of the Italian product and it opposes the common misconception of wider-reaching promotional offers will result in an increase in profit and sales.

He added the importance of creating a brand-narrative is essential in developing a sense of authenticity and heritage which he believes appeals to consumers often seeking a cultural experience when choosing alcoholic beverages for socialising.

In its bid to maintain Peroni’s position as a supreme beer, SABMiller will continue to drive forward with specific events designed to introduce consumers to the world of the beer’s brand where five-star culinary cookery is suitably associated with the product.

By inviting drinkers to enjoy an evening specialising in Italian culture, it is hoped a more sophisticated approach to drinking beers and lagers will be achieved, thus creating an association with Peroni that exudes a sense of desirable exclusivity.

Alan Clark commented: “Premium is growing in importance… We are undergoing a transformation in the way people consume alcohol and the way they consume beer.”

With its Headquarters in London, SABMiller bought the Peroni company in 2003. It has not only secured enviable growth in the UK, it has also reported 22% growth in Ireland with Peroni Nastro Azzurro lager.

Alan Sheppard, mda Head of Commercial, said, “We’re proud to partner Miller Brands and their fantastic portfolio of premium brands including Pilsner Urquell, Kozel, Miller Genuine Draft and of course Peroni Nastro Azzurro and to have played a small part in the growth of their growth – we look forward to continuing to support their brands over the years to come.”


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