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'35% of Retail Consumers are Private and won't engage'

The 2015 Retail Without Limits - A Modern Commercial Society Report by Oracle Retail delivered some great insights into the current level of engagement, competence and preferences of UK retail consumers in relation to digital technology and data.

Market Intelligence | August 2015

Designed to generate learnings for British retailers, it found 35% of UK retail consumers would not engage with sales staff in outlet – unsurprisingly higher than the 27% global average.

Digitally accomplished

Interestingly – and again perhaps not surprisingly – the UK retail consumer appears to be more digitally accomplished and receptive to in store digital kiosks and self service points, with 34% believing these enhance the current shopping experience, against the 25% globally who believe so.

Without doubt, this number will rise in the coming years as digital in store solutions become more prevalent, however it’s probably safe to say this is a some time away before the tipping point is reached, and digital natives represent a greater proportion of the UK retail consumer base.

Value Conscious

It also confirms how value conscious the current UK retail consumer is (56% rate value as most important, versus 38% globally) whilst 60% say price is the most important factor in choosing a favourite retailer (55% globally) – in addition to how much poor service disappoints them with 36% choosing to never shop with a retailer again following a disappointing experience.

What does this mean for POS?

What learnings can we take from this in POS? As this report suggests, the UK retail consumer is private and self sufficient – however, as we know that’s not to say they cannot be influenced during the purchase decision. Indeed, by virtue of them avoiding engaging with your sales staff, the impact of visual cues and non-verbal influences can help to shape their resulting action.

This therefore reiterates the age old – and most crucial – question; are the messages you’re attempting to convey with your POS the most accurately timed, and of sufficiently balanced detail and creative/ promotional impact to change behaviour? What differences to their intended basket have ‘private’ shoppers made versus those who have engaged with sales staff? The numbers will undoubtedly favour the latter (because of course there is no engagement without awareness), however the differentials will be interesting to track over the coming months and years.

To find out more you can view the full report here: Retail Without Limits – A Modern Commercial Society; Oracle Retail (Opens in New Window)

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