72% of POS Managers have commenced or completed their POS planning and strategy for next year.

As this year amazingly begins drawing to a conclusion and we near entering Q4, we asked UK POS Managers how prepared they were ahead of next year’s activities, and whether they were ready for the 12 months ahead.

by Ashley Hepper

Almost three quarters of respondents confirmed that they had already begun planning for next year – with many having completed this also.

As with anything, pre-planning POS sufficiently in advance is key to delivering great success. Not only does this allow a great amount of time to source products and obtain/ approve all artwork, but it delivers significant cost savings also.

With lead times for Far East sourced product typically in the region of up to 12-14 weeks it’s never really too soon to plan your calendar for next year.

Below we discuss some potential thoughts ahead of next year:

Activation Management

We’re expecting a key focus on activation management. No longer will delivery be enough, but the focus will shift more towards the key moment of success – i.e. POS activation. We’ve been noticing this trend over the last 12 – 18 months and launched our mda 360 system in response to track real time activation and compliance, and something we’ll be developing further as this appetite progresses.

Globalised Requirements

The interest in combining UK POS requirements with that of Western Europe, or Continental Europe, or even entirely global continues to grow – again, something that has been growing over the last 3 years for some of our existing clients, and is expected to become more prevalent.


Whether digital or non-digital, personalised POS is coming up in more and more of our conversations with Europe’s biggest brands. Delivering the connection with your audiences, having direct conversations with, and being able to better time messaging to multiple consumer sets is more accessible than ever. ‘Big data’ is in at the minute like never before, and our opportunity to build personal conversations and relationships with every single consumer could not be stronger – and this includes POS.

Reduced Lead Times

Creating supply chain efficiencies is a everyday challenge and opportunity for major fulfilment partners, and one of the key strands of added value we can offer to our respective clients. As qualified professionals it’s our job to innovate, and optimise for you using the experiences that we each have. With heightened expectations from online customers, the ability to deliver real supply chain efficiencies by reducing time to market at no detriment to cost will continue to be vital

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