Nestlé leads call to improve fuel efficiency in Europe

Commitments sought to deliver sustainability efficiencies and best practice across the European region

Food giant Nestlé is calling for greater EU input on improving fuel efficiencies and standards by writing to the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker demanding action on the issue.

Along with other worldwide brands, logistics companies and environmental organisations, Nestlé is pressing for Europe to adopt the same regulations currently in place in China, Japan and the US on HGV fuel economy standards.

The company believes stricter rules should be enforced within the next two years, as it does not believe the present measures, such as the monitoring of emissions, are strong enough to improve the environmental impact of HGVs.

Around 25% of CO₂ road transport emissions are attributable to Heavy-Duty Vehicles.

In the letter, Juncker is being asked to reexamine the climate targets and to seriously consider whether the current strategy is as effective as it could be, bearing in the mind the increases in road freight movement within the continent.

A statutory requirement for fuel efficient vehicles would result in significant savings for businesses, reduce the costs of goods, and lessen the impact on the environment.

Nestlé identified a number of strategies that could assist with cutting the environmental damage caused by road traffic.

Bart Vandewaetere, Nestlé’s Assistant-Vice President Relations with European Institutions, said: “We do this by efficiency optimisations such as routing, avoiding of empty runs and using at maximum the available vehicle capacities. Increasing the fuel efficiency of trucks will give the transport industry the required boost to further reduce overall CO2-emissions after 2020.”

He added:

“Nestlé is working, together with our supply chain partners, to cut fuel consumption and Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions from transport by another 10 percent by 2020 (versus 2014).”

Ben Whitby, mda Client Services and Operations Director, said ‘we’re proud to support Europe’s biggest brands and retailers in their marketing distribution requirements, and our business is built on delivering ongoing efficiencies for our clients. Whether through technology and innovations, best practice implementation, or challenging ways of working we actively seek to deliver cost savings to our clients.’

‘Furthermore, our track record for sustainability is unrivalled thanks to our Sustainable Fulfilment proposition which has seen us generate 61 years worth of energy thanks to our ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ commitment, following which we were subsequently awarded a Gold CSR Award for being within the top 5% of companies globally on matters of sustainability’.


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