Managing environmentally aware sourcing

We help you and your brands give back

In working with Europe’s biggest brands we know that you and your consumers more than ever have an attitude for environmentally aware and socially responsible operations.

We also recognise the risk to your brand value of getting this wrong.

That’s why we carefully select the preferred suppliers we choose to work with through a vetting and verification process because neither are we prepared to take that risk with your brand, nor do we want to ignore the challenge of building a better global community.

We have committed six figure investments into environmental best practice and our ‘Sustainability proposition’ in recent years.

We also help design and source carbon neutral POS and marketing materials for organisations wishing to go one step further too.

Our commitment

Ethical Sourcing

As a responsible, sustainable procurement partner to Europe's biggest brands we take great care to partner with only selected, verified suppliers guaranteed to uphold your brands values and reputation

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Quality Control

Our QC procedures and controls ensure that whatever requirement you have, we take complete ownership. We remain aligned to the latest legislation updates so you don't have to, removing risk from the sourcing of any product you need.

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